Organization reigns supreme in this newly remodeled kitchen. The clients requested a highly intentional space plan with a place for each usable item or décor element in the room.

The cabinetry layout provides artfully hidden storage behind a beautiful crisp white façade. It is intricately designed to use every inch of usable space. Each imaginable piece of kitchen equipment has a customized home in a cabinet or drawer. Primary pieces are kept within reach on one side of the kitchen while the microwave resides on the opposite side of the room.

The dreamy long and linear deep navy island, with sink, is the hub of the kitchen. It sits adjacent to the serving center which houses a coffee station, glassware, and supplies for entertaining. A playful chevron-accented blue tile backsplash sits behind the range and stands out against the horizontally laid pattern on the rest of the wall. Both complement the white Cambria countertops with blue veining. Gorgeous! New white oak flooring is stained to complement other woods in the home and a cherished kitchen table stays in its rightful place in front of the windows.

The finished project showcases the distinct vision to provide a place for every element in the space!

LOCATION: Prior Lake, MN
DESIGNER: Tricia Tidemann

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