FLORIDA OASIS Kitchen Remodel & Home Addition

Having traveled to the coast of Florida for years, our clients decided to remodel their kitchen using Florida as their inspiration in the kitchen design-build process. They wanted to accessorize their kitchen with colors that reminded them of Florida. Benjamin Moore’s Peacock Blue was the ideal color for the island, the focal point of the space, helping them reminisce of the sea water color.

Aside from traveling, our homeowners love cooking and baking. They love to entertain their friends and family. Their typical soiree has an average of 30 guests. To better accommodate their needs, they requested us to design a room addition of 100 sq. ft. to provide a balance between the space required for storage and preparation area.

The kitchen is subdivided into storage, cleaning, baking, cooking, and prepping zones. The north wall has three pantry cabinets that provide ample storage. On one end, an area for recharging electronics. On the other end, a bench for the removal of winter attire. The east wall has plenty of space around the sink that allows cleaning of large productions. The south wall hosts a 36” range top and adjacent to it are the wall ovens where hard work melds into a masterpiece.

Our homeowners now have the kitchen that allows them to successfully attain their objective: to indulge the palate and feast the soul.

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