This exceptional Edina, MN kitchen had previously been remodeled and possessed great aesthetics. After many years of use, however, the function of the space became problematic, not meeting the needs of the homeowners. The layout was inefficient with traffic jams occurring around the island area when entertaining. Seating around the island was limited and the two-tier layout of the counters made the seating area feel exclusive.

The revised layout features a sparkling new one-level island with ample seating customized to fit the space. It is situated further from the perimeter cabinets offering greater clearance. The off-white enameled cabinets remain in place and are complemented with striking white Corian countertops. A bold emerald backsplash behind the range creates high contrast. New panelized appliances blend seamlessly into the cabinetry and chef-focused amenities including bio containers, knife blocks, and custom pullouts, boost functionality.

This beautifully redesigned kitchen brings function to a new level and makes all who enter feel welcome. In this setting, the details truly matter!

DESIGNER: Michal Crosby

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