ARTFUL ENTERTAINING FARMHOUSE 360 Whole Home Remodel & Home Addition

As part of a whole home remodel and addition, this century-old farmhouse overlooking the Mississippi River is re-imagined to fit the modern-day lifestyle of its new owners. The client, an artist herself, requested that the kitchen and dining spaces be very flexible, open up the kitchen and provide a backdrop for ever-changing artwork. Unique features like a floating island offer the flexibility the owner requested while touches such as re-purposed original farmhouse leaded glass doors lend the space an authentic feel.

The resulting design is a continuous, open place to artfully entertain. Meanwhile, upstairs a charming wood nook featuring original flooring reclaimed from the first floor and cherry wood harvested from the client’s land gives purpose to an otherwise overlooked space.

This project won two awards in the 2017 NKBA-MN design contest, the kitchen/dining and living room winning 2nd and the office nook winning 1st, both in the category of Other Residential Areas.

LOCATION: Mississippi River Valley, MN
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