January 28, 2019

Sawhill FAQ Series: What’s The First Step?

Sawhill Custom Kitchen and Design

Here at Sawhill, every project is unique.  Offering design/build/remodel services tailored to the specific needs of our clients and acute attention to customer service, we provide our clients with a concierge-level approach to home design and remodeling. 

While our projects may be unique, there are some common questions that we hear and answer frequently.  Our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) series aims to share our expertise and information with homeowners, illuminating the details that help future clients, like you, make better-informed decisions.

Today we’re offering our thoughts on the best approach to starting a remodel project.

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What’s The First Step?

Naturally, one of the first steps, before you begin looking into a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, is to do your due diligence and gather ideas that you like. The internet has made this process very easy. Not only does searching online save you the hassle of driving all over town to different showrooms, but you are also able to compile a library of images from sources like Houzz.com and other websites.

OK, you have a general idea of what you like and your must-have features, now what? We recommend following our Four “C’s” to getting started.  The Four “C’s” include Contact, Conversation, Connection, Courtesy Visit.


The 1st part of this process is to make contact, which these days for most people is emailing a company. That’s a good start, but remodel projects are complicated, and it’s difficult to communicate all of your project details in an email.  Because of this, we recommend calling us to speak with one of our designers. This leads us to the 2nd stage of our process – Conversation.


We love talking with clients to learn more about their project and helping to answer some basic questions or concerns they may have about tackling a remodel project. But, be forewarned! We’ll actually ask you more questions than you’ll probably have for us!  Asking you lots of questions is necessary as it allows us to develop a clear understanding of your needs, wants, and goals. In fact, consider it a warning sign if you talk to a remodeler or builder who doesn’t ask you a lot of questions.  If someone doesn’t take the time to understand your project, the potential for misunderstanding, or even worse – a result you don’t love –, is much higher.

By having a phone Conversation with one of our designers, you will also be able to share some of the research you may have already done and ask our designers for their thoughts on products like cabinetry, countertops, appliances, flooring and more. At Sawhill, we happily educate clients on not just products, but also the processes and services needed for most remodel projects.


During a conversation, we find that there is usually a personal Connection made between you and our Sawhill designer. Yes, we’ve now moved to the next stage of the 4 “C” process! Finding a designer with whom you feel a connection will make it so much easier to get through all the remaining steps of a remodel project.  With a connection, comes a level of trust, which is so important in any relationship, especially one that has to do with transforming your home! Having established a connection with a homeowner, our designers will typically suggest a Courtesy Visit in our showroom or at your home.

Courtesy Visit

We offer these Courtesy Visits to clients that not only made a connection with our designer but also feel comfortable with our processes and services that were discussed during the conversation stage. The courtesy visit should help confirm the connection you made with the designer and allows our designer to gather more information about your home including little details, like access to your home for larger trucks, or what doorway would be best used for accessing the space.


Take the First Step With Us

Considering a kitchen or bath remodel project?  Let us help you get started.  Sawhill Custom Kitchens & Design is the Twin Cities expert in kitchen & bath design.  We offer a concierge experience to your kitchen or bath design/build/remodel experience, tailoring our process to your needs and taking care of the details from start to finish.  View our kitchen and bath project portfolio to see examples of our work. Then contact us or stop by our showroom to begin your “Four C’s” process with a trusted, local and award-winning partner.



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