November 29, 2018

Sawhill FAQ Series: Why Should I Buy Your Cabinets?

Sawhill Custom Kitchen and Design

Here at Sawhill, every project is unique.  Offering design/build/remodel services tailored to the specific needs of our clients and acute attention to customer service, we provide our clients with a concierge-level approach to home design and remodeling. 

While our projects may be unique, there are some common questions that we hear and answer frequently.  Our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) series aims to share our expertise and information with homeowners, illuminating the details that help future clients, like you, make better-informed decisions.

Today we’re offering clarity on a topic where we find much confusion exists.


Why Should I Buy Your Kitchen and Bath Cabinets?

What does ‘custom’ cabinet mean?  People often do not think our cabinets are “custom” because our cabinets are built by a manufacturer rather than built by a small local cabinet shop, whom they perceive as being “custom.”  Between cheaper ‘big box store’ pre-fabricated cabinet options and small boutique cabinet shops lies the custom cabinets offered by Sawhill.  We work only with select high-quality cabinet manufacturers to custom build our cabinet designs to our exact specifications.  This partnership means we offer true customization on design and functionality without the high production costs and limited options of smaller boutique cabinet shops.

Not only are our cabinets custom, but they also come with a lot of additional value-added benefits.

True Customization

All of our cabinetry is custom in terms of size, shape, style, wood species, and finish. For example, when working with us, you can select any standard paint color from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore as your finish at no additional charge.  Or perhaps you want a unique cabinet style?  One of our manufacturers has an online “custom door builder” which allows you and your Sawhill designer to create your own signature door style.

More Consistent Delivery Schedules

Our manufacturers confirm the delivery schedule once we finalize your cabinet order. On occasion, the delivery may experience a small delay, but that is the exception, not the rule.  Small cabinet shops can get backlogged easily if they take in a large order, which can significantly delay your cabinet order.

Access to Unique Materials

One of our manufacturers has a “Select Woods Program.” Meaning you and your Sawhill designer can select the wood species you would like, and the manufacturer will research the availability and pricing. They will even make up a sample door for your approval.

More Variety of Style

All of our manufacturers offer both traditional and contemporary styles and everything in between. Our partnerships with multiple manufacturers mean there is no limit to the options available to you, including many specialty offerings like Nanotech, offered by the manufacturer Fenix.  Among other benefits, the Nanotech finishing process makes the material anti-fingerprint, and resistant to mold! Learn more at

Quality Control Standard

Order your stock or semi-custom cabinets through a big box chain and be prepared for quality issues. For example, some of those cabinets were manufactured on different days or even months, which means the color consistency of the stain or paint could vary. With us, cabinets are crafted over a 2-3 week span, and all run thru the finishing stage at the same time. Also, our cabinets are inspected by many craftsmen at many points; from the person selecting the boards to be used for your cabinets, to the person assembling the cabinet, to the person sanding the cabinet, to the person finishing the cabinet, to the final inspection before the cabinet is wrapped/cartoned to protect your cabinetry for delivery, to our staff inspecting them upon delivery to assure everything is exactly as it should be.

Factory Finish

We work with some small cabinets shops on occasion, and even they say, “I can’t match that factory finish.” Our cabinetry is finished in dust-free environments using multi-million-dollar equipment, along with artisans who apply hand wiped glazes and custom distressing techniques.

Accurate Pricing

‘Surprise’ pricing, as we call it, is something we frequently see with some cabinet shops.  Our pricing is more accurate because we price out every cabinet, panel, molding, etc. as opposed to a “Per Linear Foot” estimate. Think about that for a minute…a wall of base cabinets and wall cabinets would be a lot less expensive than a wall of tall pantry cabinets, wouldn’t they?  This is where “Per Linear Foot’ estimates lead homeowners astray.  Our complete price breakdown ensures the price we estimate accurately reflects the final amount you pay. No surprises.

Cabinet Warranty

Our manufacturers offer a limited lifetime warranty on their products.  What happens if the small cabinet shop you used goes out of business and you discover an issue with your cabinets?  With us, your warranty is through the manufacturer and therefore safely guaranteed.

“We” Come With Our Cabinets

And finally, why should you buy our cabinets for your kitchen or bath project? Because “we” come with our cabinets. We’re not just your “cabinet guy,” we’re your designer, problem solver, project manager, quality control inspector and your advocate all the way through the design/build/remodel process.  Simply put, we offer a concierge experience to your kitchen or bath design/build/remodel experience, tailoring our process to your needs and taking care of the details from start to finish.  View our kitchen and bath project portfolio to see examples of our work. Then contact us or stop by our showroom at International Market Square to talk with one of our designers about your project.  We can’t wait to meet you.



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