January 26, 2017

Great Partnerships = Exceptional Results

Sawhill Custom Kitchen and Design

The owners of this Minneapolis condo contacted Michal to help them completely overhaul their newly purchased home/unit which was quite outdated and in poor condition.  The couple owned other properties and their intent was to use the condo for short visits to stay connected with friends and family in Minnesota.

The homeowner’s wishes were that the new layout be easy to maintain, efficient, provide enough space to entertain small groups and have the functionality to serve as a home office for the husband to work from while in town.

Knowing space was at a premium and efficiency was of utmost importance, Michal suggested bringing in Sawhill to assist with the bathroom and kitchen remodel.  Working in collaboration, Michal and Susan devised a solution that met all of the homeowner’s needs and blended beautifully with the rest of the condo.

One of the most impactful design changes Michal and Sue made was moving the location of the front door to the condo, dramatically streamlining the traffic flow of the space. Part of a wall between the hallway and kitchen was also removed, opening up the living and kitchen space.  With no physical square footage added in this project, it was also important that the existing space work as efficiently as possible.  Michal and Susan looked at every opportunity to utilize the space intelligently.

Within the kitchen, the breakfast counter was designed to double as a home office space with custom storage for office equipment conveniently built in.  The hallway closet was redesigned to allow the homeowner to accommodate specialized storage needs.  It was also taken into consideration how the newly designed kitchen space would interact with the surrounding rooms and how existing furniture pieces would fit and flow within the adjacent space.

In short, every aspect was considered and addressed, ensuring that the homeowners ended up with exactly what they were looking for.


Whether you are talking about a partnership between an architect and a kitchen designer or an interior designer and a kitchen designer, having a team of experts, versus a jack of all trades individual, is a tremendous asset to homeowners.  Instead of a singular viewpoint, partnerships create an environment where a dynamic exchange of ideas results in the most cost-effective and creative results.

Being current in their individual areas of expertise, each partner has the background and experience to understand what options are worth consideration.   Ultimately, this can result in cost savings to the homeowner in terms of long term planning and vision.

The benefits to a partnership don’t end with the design phase. Once project work begins, there are a million details to address, something that can be incredibly overwhelming to homeowners.  A partnership means there is more than one person available to answer questions and ensure everything is moving along exactly as it should.

There is always a component of problem solving involved in a remodel or new design project and having a team to advocate for a client ensures that everything is accounted for and that the client ends up with exactly what they want.


So what constitutes a successful remodel or home design partnership?  Great communication, individual expertise and a willingness to collaborate are all components of a strong partnership.  Here at Sawhill, high expectations are in place from start to finish.  Our partners, like Michal, share this philosophy and we feel incredibly blessed to have curated such a talented group of professionals to collaborate with.

Steve Jobs once said, “Great things in business are never done by one person, they are done by a team of people.”  To Michal and our many partners, thank you for being part of our Sawhill team.  To our future clients, give us a call and let us show you what great partnerships, exceptional service and beautiful results looks like.

At Sawhill Custom Kitchens & Design, our job is to alleviate concerns, deliver beautiful and functional interiors using quality materials, and ensure your comfort during every stage of a project. We offer the flexibility to use our entire array of services and products, from design to project completion, delivering stunning results that help you live more comfortably, beautifully and efficiently.  Learn more at www.sawhillkitchens.com.

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Sawhill Custom Kitchen and Design

January 26, 2017