April 25, 2018

Loving Where You Live: 5 Reasons to Remodel

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Has your discontent with your home been growing, so much that you are considering remodeling or moving?  Whether your feelings of frustration stem from an outdated space or from the fact that you just need MORE space, the decision to remodel your current home or move is a big decision.

So, how DO you decide?  While every situation is unique, we’ve worked with a lot of clients over the years on both remodeling and new construction projects.  Here are 5 main reasons we’ve observed as to why clients happily choose to stay in their homes and remodel.  Review this list and if one or more reasons resonate with you, you may have the answer to your decision; it’s time to remodel!


Remodel Reason #1: You love your neighborhood

Do you have neighbors you love? Whom you regularly hang out with?  Do your children have friends scattered throughout the neighborhood and a local school they adore?  If you love your neighborhood, this is reason enough to stay.  We’re not implying that just because you move, it means you won’t still stay in touch.  However, if your neighborhood provides a sense of community and belonging, this is reason enough to stay and remodel.

Remodel Reason #2:  Your home feels outdated

Do you like your home but feel as if certain areas have become outdated?   Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be susceptible to ‘aging’ with features like countertops and cabinets that can become noticeably outdated.  Remodeling these or other critical areas of the home can be just the ticket to resuming your love affair with your home.  You’ll also see a return on your investment in terms of sales value should you decide to move in the future. Not convinced a refresh of one area can make that big of an impact?  See our before and after kitchen remodel series to see how remodeling a kitchen can refresh a space, even an entire level.

Remodel Reason #3: Preparing for Retirement

As we mentioned in a previous blog, Empty Nest: Stay Put or Move, once children have ‘flown the coop’, the decision to stay put or downsize is a common dilemma.  Should you decide to stay, spending the money on improvements to your existing home for your own enjoyment is a worthwhile consideration.  Whether you are thinking ahead to Universal Design features that will allow you to age in your home or just want to refresh your home in celebration of this next stage of your life, a remodel will help extend both the enjoyment and ‘life’ of your home.

Remodel Reason #4: It’s cheaper

We know what you’re thinking.  ‘Cheap’ is typically not a word you associate with remodeling.  But, consider the potential costs of moving:

  • the home you move into may need improvements before it’s suitable to you
  • depending on where you move, you may get less home for your money
  • realtor and closing costs associated with the sale of you existing home and the purchase of a new property
  • a brand new home may sound very appealing but, unlike a remodel, it won’t be customized just for you – unless you choose to custom build –  and then you’re talking about a much larger investment

For these reasons, remodeling can often be the most economical option, especially considering you will recoup some of your costs when you eventually sell your home.

Remodel Reason #5: You need more space 

If you are starting to feel the ‘squeeze’ in your current home and simply need more room, then remodeling your home can help you do more with the space you have.  In these cases, it is especially important to work with an experienced design/build company, like Sawhill Custom Kitchens & Design, who understands how to redesign a floor plan to create better flow and usability.  Moving just a few key components, combined with a smart design and ample space-saving features, can be just the ticket to creating more ‘space’ within your existing home.


If you would like more information on remodeling, download our Free Remodeling Guide, call us at (612) 338-3991 or stop by our kitchen & bath showroom at International Market Square to discuss to speak with one of our designers. We’d love to speak with you about how we can help transform your current home!

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