Before and After: A Not So ‘Cookie Cutter’ Kitchen

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Today we bring you the fifth installment in our Sawhill before-and-after kitchen remodel series. (If you missed our fourth installment, you can find it here.)


Sometimes it is difficult to imagine an existing space as anything other than as it is or believe that you can have any kind of dramatic impact by changing just one area in a home.  That is why before-and-after features are so incredibly popular. They offer proof of the amazing transformations that can happen and inspire homeowners to imagine the possibilities within their own home.

Whether you built your home and have now outgrown your kitchen, or bought an existing home that never truly fit your style or needs, a beautiful and functional transformation is possible.  At Sawhill Custom Kitchens & Design, our job is to alleviate concerns, deliver beautiful and functional interiors using quality materials, and ensure your comfort during every stage of a project. We offer the flexibility to use our entire array of services and products, from design to project completion, delivering stunning results that help you live more comfortably, beautifully and efficiently.

We hope these before and after project features inspire you to dream about what your kitchen space can become.  We invite you to view our portfolio of projects for further inspiration and  encourage you to contact us with any questions or to talk about your dream project. We’d love the chance to share more details about our work and help get you started.


The owners of this under-utilized Minneapolis rambler L-shape kitchen were anxious to undertake this remodel – the last room untouched in their house!   The wait was not for lack of wanting or needing the space’s function and appearance to improve. Rather, the delay was because it was the most involved and detailed room to undertake. True to the idea of ‘saving the best for last’, our clients were overjoyed to begin this long-awaited project and we were excited to help them bring their ideas and inspiration to life! Guided by our client’s love of baking and a desire for increased usable space, we set out to design a kitchen that not only met our client’s functional needs but also added light and subdued drama to the space.

Before Kitchen Photo - Series 5

As with all projects, before we could even begin to think about the details, we needed to address the layout and flow of the space.  The existing kitchen layout was choppy and included several empty or under-utilized walls.  By moving the doorway opposite the refrigerator and removing a wall between the dining room and kitchen, the usability, function and flow were drastically improved, lending a feel of a much larger, brighter space.

With the footprint decided, our focus turned to the layout of the components within the space.  One completely unused wall was repurposed to include storage, countertops and even new double ovens.  Another wall was transformed to house the refrigerator, additional counters, a wine cooler and beautiful glass cabinets.  Just around the corner from the refrigerator, the deep cavern of what had been a closet was turned into the perfect 13” deep pantry for boxed and canned goods.

Series 5 - CookiesFinally, we turned our attention to the custom-tailored details that often end up being the favorite features of our clients!  As very talented cookie bakers and decorators, our homeowners wanted a specific place to store sprinkles, roll out dough and decorate their works of art.  To address this need, we created a “baker’s space”, conveniently located to the left of the double ovens, that houses multiple sprinkle drawers, a lift-up mixer shelf, and tools for creating their incredible tasting cookies.  A great example of the little details that custom tailor a space to the lifestyle and interests of a homeowner!

With a soft contemporary look, the transitional space blends well into the style of the home without overpowering it.  The glass, stone and stainless mix mosaic tile combine all the elements of the kitchen, blending them seamlessly together.  Warm cream cabinetry, taupe quartz countertops and luxury vinyl tile floors are used to create an inviting, casual space- great for cutting cookies- but definitely not “cookie cutter”!

After Kitchen Photo - Series 5