Kitchen Confidential: Kitchen Trends to Watch For in 2020

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Kitchens are the heart of a home, where families gather to eat, converse, and connect. Considering the impact a remodel has on the enjoyment of a home, paired with having one of the higher returns on investment, it’s not surprising that a kitchen remodel is the home remodel project homeowners desire most. Is 2020 the year you plan to finally update your kitchen? There are a lot of exciting developments in kitchen design you’ll want to explore. To get you started, here are some of the latest kitchen trends we expect to see more of in 2020.


2020 Kitchen Trends to Watch For in 2020


Meet the Jetsons

Cabinet manufacturers are finding more ways to not only make better use of cabinet space but to keep it tucked away from view as well using technology that feels like something from the Jetsons. From pop-out outlets that remain hidden when not in use to features like the pop-up cocktail station from Plato Woodwork shown below, 2020 will bring homeowners more options for maximizing the functionality of a kitchen without sacrificing aesthetics.

Check out this awesome pop-up space saving feature. Impress your guests with a top shelf cocktail neatly hidden below. Perfect for a Kitchen to second as a Bar. See this feature and many other cutting edge designs at the Pop Up Shop display by Plato Woodwork, Inc.

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Embracing Color

Each passing year brings more options to homeowners in terms of cabinetry color and finishes. Embracing color is an excellent option for those homeowners wanting to inject a bit of personality into kitchen design. Whether using a more subtle grey, an elegant navy blue paired with rubbed gold hardware, or a pop of red in the kitchen island, color is something homeowner will continue to embrace in 2020!


Seeing Double

For those that have space, double kitchen islands can maximize abundant floor space that might otherwise be wasted and help compartmentalize kitchen use. 2020 will see more homeowners embracing the double island, often designing one island for meal prep with a built-in sink and the other for eating and serving.


Open Shelving

While not for everyone, incorporating open shelving is a wonderful option for those wishing to highlight a beautiful backsplash, to incorporate a display of treasured items like pictured below or to simply provide easier access to frequently used items. Whether your tastes edge toward modern, rustic or somewhere in between, homeowners wanting a different look are embracing the open shelving concept.

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