November 22, 2016

Is Your Kitchen Ready for Thanksgiving?

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Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday here at Sawhill Custom Kitchen & Design.  As kitchen design and remodel experts, we have a special place in our hearts for our national tradition of giving thanks and spending time with friends and family in the nucleus of a home, the kitchen.  And being kitchen experts, we want to help you have the least stressful and most delicious Thanksgiving celebration possible!  So today we bring you a collection of Thanksgiving tips on everything from how to ensure your kitchen appliances are in good condition to a countdown meal planner.  From our kitchen to yours, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with thankfulness, family and good eats!

A Tune-Up For Your Kitchen


Just as you would give your car a tune-up before a long road trip,  you should also prepare to ensure your kitchen is ready for anything you throw at it this Thanksgiving.  This article from Popular Mechanics covers how to make sure your appliances are performing at peak level, logistics advice for added dishes and tips for cleaning your counter tops.


A Step by Step Planner For A Hassle-Free, Surprise-Free Thanksgiving


Food Network provides a helpful countdown planner of Thanksgiving dinner tasks starting at a month out.  We are admittedly behind with just a week left to Thanksgiving. However, we like how this planner brings to light even the smallest of details, like reminding you to prepare for leftovers by having containers available, to ensure your kitchen is ready for a surprise-free and hassle-free Thanksgiving Day.


Tried and True Thanksgiving Recipes


The esteemed folks at Cooks Illustrated are all about finding the best methods and recipes for just about anything. Their tried-and-true recipes will take the guesswork out of preparing those Thanksgiving classics.



5 Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Thanksgiving


Last Thanksgiving we complied a list of 5 must-have kitchen tools that will help make your Thanksgiving a stunning and delicious success.  No big, expensive kitchen gadget recommendations here, just basic and affordable kitchen tools that will make your Thanksgiving prep easier and your meal delicious!


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November 22, 2016