From Dream to Reality: How Design-Build Firms Simplify the Construction Process

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As we all know, building your dream home from the ground up, or even taking on a major design and remodeling project, can be an intensely complex task. It’s a journey filled with questions, doubts, and the occasional bumps in the road. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if there were a team of professionals who could take your dream from inception to reality, simplifying the entire process? Enter the realm of design-build firms.

Sawhill is a leading home remodeling company in the greater Minneapolis area. Our creed stems from the integrated practice of interior designers, master builders and architects collaborating. With vast experience as interior designers and general contractors, our primary aim is to make the construction process as fluid and smooth as possible. Our team of home, bath and kitchen remodelers adheres to best practices in design, construction management, general contracting, and beyond. With a broad array of commercial projects under our belt, we confidently handle every aspect, from the design process to the construction phase.

The crux of our approach is the design-build methodology. This innovative process aims to reduce the onus on homeowners during renovations or new constructions. An architectural design backed by skilled craftsmanship delivers a seamless and efficient process, ensuring the final result matches the initial dream. The invaluable combination of design-build services greatly trims the convolutions traditionally associated with construction.

Understanding the Design-Build Process

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Building or renovating a house involves a multitude of steps, a plethora of professionals, and piles upon piles of paperwork. This where the magic of a design-build firm comes to the fore. While traditional methods split the construction process into separate design and construction phases, often managed by distinct entities, the design-build method adopts a more centralized approach.

A home remodeling company like Sawhill acts as both designer and general contractor. Our designers don’t just provide design concepts but work hand-in-hand with construction professionals, project managers, and your devoted construction team. Simultaneously, the project manager supervises the project’s day-to-day operations, encompassing all aspects of construction services from building process techniques to overseeing construction costs.

What sets the design-build process apart from the traditional route is the consolidation of these functions into a single contract. Instead of having to juggle separate contracts, timelines, and budgets of independent designers, architects and construction firms, homeowners only need to liaison with one entity: the design-build firm. This arrangement significantly simplifies communication, ensuring all aspects of the project remain harmonized.

The benefits of this unique approach aren’t exclusive to large projects. Whether you’re looking to remodel a single room or a full kitchen remodel, the design-build method improves coherence, communication, and convenience at every step of the way.

How Sawhill Simplifies Construction

A remodeled foyer with a wallpaper mural opening to the living room of a home in Edina, Minnesota.

At Sawhill, our commitment goes beyond mere construction management. We understand the emotional connection you have with your dream project. We take pride in our capacity to efficiently carry forward your dreams into reality, with an eagle-eyed focus on every minute detail, thanks to our design-build services.

Our approach to design-build services is bespoke, tailoring our approach to align with your unique needs and vision. Our home, bath and kitchen remodelers were a part of many successful projects throughout the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and each one provided us with insights that made us experts in transforming design concepts into impeccably crafted spaces.

Our design team gets involved right from the beginning, turning abstract ideas into concrete plans. Their expertise, coupled with our construction team’s dexterity, ensures that no great idea gets lost in translation from paper to reality, and no practical aspect is overlooked in the artistic process.

One striking example of our work is the complete transformation of a quaint villa into a modern, spacious abode. From the first day, our dedicated team of interior designers, general contractors, project managers, and interior designers got down to the nitty-gritty, working from the design phase through the construction phase, repurposing the existing structure while ensuring the new elements meshed seamlessly. The project highlighted our unique approach in perhaps the most challenging aspect of home renovation: synergize the old and the new.

Additionally, our commitment to utilizing best practices in design and construction is evident in every project we take on. For instance, we recently completed a full kitchen remodel where strategic planning in the design phase led to significant savings during the construction phase without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Working with a home remodeling company doesn’t just simplify the construction process; it fundamentally redefines it for the better. From streamlining communication to minimizing delays, the unified approach yields several practical pay-offs.

Benefits of Design-Build Services

White upper cabinets, maple lower cabinets, white quartz countertops, kitchen island bar seating and patterned tile backsplash make up this remodeled mid-century modern farmhouse kitchen.

First, the streamlined design-build process allows for a centralized channel of communication. At Sawhill, we act as your single point of contact. This one-stop-shop model reduces misunderstandings, miscommunications, and oversights, which can often lead to cost overruns and delay in schedules in a disjointed design and build process.

Second, the collaborative efforts of the design-build approach can lead to innovation and creativity. The joint venture between the design and the construction teams helps to marry aesthetic themes with practical construction methods, enabling the best design work to shine through in the final product.

Third, cost efficiency is another significant advantage of this model. Having a single contract and an integrated team from the very start means potential problems can be caught early and mitigated. It also assists in accurately forecasting construction costs and mitigating surprises down the line.

The design-build method also ensures that there are less ‘surprise’ costs after construction begins. Because the design and construction phases are carried out by a single entity, costs are established early on and are less likely to change dramatically.

Finally, the design-build service model saves substantial time by encouraging parallel work on design and construction phases. This unique approach diminishes delays and helps in achieving project delivery at a quicker pace.

In essence, the benefits of a home remodeling company like Sawhill translate to a project that’s delivered on time, within budget and built to mirror the client’s aspirations with absolute accuracy.

Let Sawhill Transform Your Living Space


Transforming your dream into a tangible, awe-inspiring reality is no small feat. It demands vision, precision, and an abiding commitment to quality. This is where a design-build firm comes in, taking on the complex jargon, the massive planning, and the intricate construction work, all under a single contract.

As discussed, a design-build firm like Sawhill can take the reins in your home, bath or kitchen remodel, overseeing every aspect from the design phase to the building process. We collaborate extensively with designers, architects, construction professionals, project managers, and your dedicated construction team, ensuring that your dream project stays on track, adheres to high quality standards, and stays within budget.

Our one-stop-shop approach, with our full-service interior design, architecture, and construction services, guarantees that you receive consistent, high quality results across the entire spectrum of the project delivery. It also means we’re not just tackling the nuts and bolts of the construction process, but also ensuring that the project’s aesthetics are meticulously handled by experienced interior designers and architects.

With our dedicated team of professionals, exquisite design concepts, and firm understanding of construction costs and methods, your dream project will not just be a reality, but a classical testament to our joint venture. We look forward to bringing your vision to life!