July 27, 2017

Empty Nest – Stay Put or Move?

Sawhill Custom Kitchen and Design

The kids are grown, out of college and out of the house.  Time and financial resources are more plentiful.  Rooms are empty.  Time to consider moving, right?  Perhaps, but maybe not….

One of the biggest decisions empty nesters will face is whether to stay in their existing home or downsize.  While there are advantages to downsizing, less yard maintenance and cleaning to name just a few, more homeowners are choosing to stay put and remodel.

Reasons to Stay Put and Remodel

Many homeowners find that the cost of moving is high. Adding up the costs of work needed to bring a home up to code and moving can be significant and the home you move into may need improvements before it’s suitable for you. There is also the possibility that depending on where you intend to move, you will get less home for your money. Meaning, if you love your location, your neighbors and, for the most part your home, then spending the money on improvements to your existing home for your own enjoyment is a worthwhile consideration.

Empty Nest Renovations

Once the decision to stay and renovate has been made, the fun begins! For most homeowners, there is always a wishlist of features you wish your house had. A bigger master bathroom, a kitchen better suited for entertaining, etc. Or perhaps, your home is just worn out and needing a face lift. Whatever your wishes are, transforming your existing home into a home suitable for the next stage of life can be an exhilarating experience!

The key is finding a remodeling company that will work by your side to help you determine your priorities and how to best implement them. Quality work and thoughtful design is the key to any successful project and finding a professional partner who will really listen to your ideas and help determine the smartest solution is critical. At Sawhill Custom Kitchens and Design, we don’t design cookie-cutter homes. Instead, we focus on creating spaces that are uniquely tailored to each homeowner. When working with our clients, we go through an extensive planning process to uncover details that elevate a project from adequate to amazing. Simply said, we believe in creating great homes that welcome us the moment we cross the threshold.

If you have a home remodeling project in your future, we invite you to download our free Guide to Remodeling.  This helpful guide provides a valuable overview, from the initial step of your first consultation to the final step of construction, to homeowners in the beginning stages of their kitchen or bathroom remodeling journey.  Click here to sign up and download our free guide.

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July 27, 2017