May 19, 2017

Cooking With Color: How to Use Color in Kitchen Design

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Thoughtful use of color in your kitchen design is an impactful tool.  Used in combination with a neutral and balanced color palate, the right pop of color can create a stunning focal point or enhance visual interest, without overwhelming the space or creating an environment that you will quickly tire of.   Wondering how to tastefully incorporate color in your kitchen design?  From cabinets to sinks, we’ve highlighted Sawhill projects that demonstrate how to use color for impact.

Kitchen Island

Want to create a focal point that draws people into your kitchen space.  Nothing creates visual interest like a kitchen island finish that stands out from the rest of the room.  Whether you are daring enough to go with bold color like the red or teal pictured, or prefer a subtler distinction like black against white, the use of color will transform your kitchen island into a focal show-stopper.

Ktichen island 3or

Cabinet Finish

Step out of the traditional wood, white or black for your cabinet finish and you won’t be disappointed.  Scared to make the commitment?  Choosing a color finish for just your upper or lower cabinets can be an interesting compromise.


Tilework infused with color can create just the right amount of interest without being overwhelming.   Shown in the examples below, a colorful tile choice can add a fresh feel, playful polish or understated interest.


For those open to the world outside granite, there are many naturally vibrant natural stone counter top options.  Choices like this Rojo Alicante Marble are a conversation starter, adding both texture and a subtle tone of color to the space.

Kitchen Sinks

Want a concentrated splash of color?  Consider singling out the sink for a vibrant pop.  This is a great option that allows you to minimize your commitment to color while still creating focal interest.

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May 19, 2017