July 13, 2016

Before and After Transformations: Grand Living

Sawhill Custom Kitchen and Design

Today we bring you the third installment in our Sawhill series of before-and-after kitchen remodel projects. 


Sometimes it is difficult to imagine an existing space as anything other than as it is currently. Or believe that you can have any kind of dramatic impact by changing just one area in a home.  That is why before-and-after features are so incredibly popular. They offer proof of the amazing transformations that can happen, inspiring homeowners to imagine the possibilities within their own home.

Whether you built your home and have now outgrown your kitchen, or bought an existing home that never truly fit your style or needs, a beautiful and functional transformation is possible.  At Sawhill Custom Kitchens & Design, our job is to alleviate concerns, deliver beautiful and functional interiors using quality materials, and ensure your comfort during every stage of a project. We offer the flexibility to use our entire array of services and products, from design to project completion, delivering stunning results that help you live more comfortably, beautifully and efficiently.

We hope these project features inspire you to dream about what your kitchen space can become. Please feel welcome to contact us with any questions or talk about your dream project. We’d love the chance to share more details about our work and help get you started.


The owners of this home loved the Spanish Mediterranean style and general floor plan when they purchased their home, but knew that some things would need to change to better suit their needs.  Much of the original architecture was intact & beautifully detailed, but the homeowners (avid entertainers and home cooks) felt the kitchen and surrounding rooms could be improved with higher quality materials and appliances and an improved layout.  Other than the kitchen being too small, their main complaint was that the powder room was right in the middle of the kitchen and family/dining room. Not only was this a bad location for a bathroom, but it also alienated the kitchen from the family room. A second layout issue was that the back staircase to a roof top deck was taking up a lot of space and was used only a few times a year.  It was also important to our homeowners that their kitchen aesthetically fit into the original Mediterranean style of the home.

Other key items on their wish list included:

  • Eat in kitchen + counter seating.
  • Over-Sized, high powered cooking equipment & a large refrigeration.
  • Beautiful materials and “grand room” living
  • Retain existing footprint.


Working from our client’s wish list, the powder room was relocated, an eat-in area added, the mudroom improved and the kitchen family room better connected.  The staircase to the roof was removed and a spiral staircase was added outside to access the roof top deck.  We evolved into the final design plan knowing that there were a few compromises with space in order to retain the existing footprint.  The walkways around the island were slightly tighter than what is “standard”, but we did mock-ups to ensure their comfort with the flow. We managed our door swing sizes and offset the all the appliance doors.

Installation went smoothly despite the complicated nature of the project and the age of the home.  The home featured original textured plaster walls which required us to match the texture on any new walls to blend with the original walls. The home also had a hot water heating system, and with the new design, much of the wall space was utilized for cabinets, leaving little room for radiators. We creatively devised a solution to install radiators under the toe kicks of the cabinets and banquette to keep the floors warm and the room heated.  In addition, all of the kitchen wiring needed to be redone and new windows were custom made to match the unique style of the existing windows in the home.

Ultimately, it all came together, satisfying our client’s wishes for a “human energy efficient” space to work in while enhancing the beautiful Spanish Mediterranean aesthetics of the home.


Sawhill Cus­tom Kitchens & Design is the premier provider of kitchen and bath design and custom cabinet building services for clients in the Twin Cities, Upper Midwest and beyond.  We deliver exceptional spaces by taking a holistic approach to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. With skill and experience, your Sawhill team of designers, space planners, custom cabinet building experts and project managers will invest in your design plan from concept to final installation.

The result will be a gorgeous working interior you’ll love, without the headaches you won’t.  Learn more about Sawhill Kitchens & Design at https://www.sawhillkitchens.com.

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Sawhill Custom Kitchen and Design

July 13, 2016