6 Baker’s Kitchen Features You’ll Love

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Are the sweet, delicious smells of cookies, bars, cakes, and pies wafting through the air a frequent occurrence in your home? Is baking a highlight of the holidays for you?  If so, you are a master baker, someone for whom baking brings an immense amount of joy (for yourself and the ones who get eat what you bake!) and you likely spend a lot of time in your kitchen.   At Sawhill Custom Kitchens & Design, we believe how you use your kitchen should be a major influence on how your kitchen is designed.  For a baking enthusiast, there are features that we can incorporate when designing your new or remodeled kitchen that will make baking an even sweeter experience!  Below are just a few examples but if you’re considering a kitchen remodel, we invite you to give us a call or stop by our showroom at International Market Square in Minneapolis.  Whether you want to entertain, cook, or bake, we can help you design a kitchen tailored to your needs.

Feature #1: Lift-up Mixer Stand

A lift-up mixer stand means an end to pulling out a heavy mixer from storage. Instead, easily access your mixer with the lift of a finger.  Remember that you will need an outlet nearby to power the mixer.

Lift Up Mixer Stand

Mixer Lift







Feature #2: Appliance Garage

An appliance garage keeps items like food processors out of sight but still easy to access.  No bending over or having to reach up high to reach unwieldy appliances.
Appliance Garage







Feature #3: Large Work Space in a Smart Location

A large work surface adjacent to accessories (especially the mixer) and at the right height for the baker is a must. Location is also important. Consider locating your workspace near a sink for collecting dirty dishes (measuring cups, spoons, etc.) and incorporating an under-counter compost/trash bin nearby for disposal of eggshells, paper wrappers (butter) and empty cans & boxes.

Nearby Sink and Trash

Large work space









Feature #4: Custom Storage

Tailor your storage to improve your baking experience.  Whether you have a lefse grill like the one pictured below or some other specialty cooking tools, consider custom-sized drawers to fit and store these items.   Add divided drawer and cabinet inserts to keep baking items like baking sheets, cutting boards, cookie cutters, spoons and whisks organized and easy to find.  Consider pull out shelves for easier access to baking ingredients like flour and sugar.

Custom Sized DrawersWoodland UtilityTrayInsert1 (2)







Feature #5: Spice Rack

No more digging in the depths of a cabinet for that lost container of cinnamon with a built-in spice rack.  Depending on your layout and preference, there are many ways to incorporate a spice rack. You can also use spice racks for collections of sprinkles.

Pull Out Spice RackSpiceDrawerSpice Drawer








Feature #6: Double Ovens

Wall-mounted double ovens are a must-have for any avid baker allowing multiple items to be baked simultaneously or at different temperatures.

Double Ovens









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