April 10, 2024

6 Baker’s Kitchen Features You’ll Love

Sawhill Custom Kitchen and Design

Are the sweet, delicious smells of cookies, bars, cakes, and pies wafting through the air a frequent occurrence in your home? Is baking a highlight of the holidays for you?  If so, you are a master baker, someone for whom baking brings an immense amount of joy (for yourself and the ones who get to eat what you bake!) and you likely spend a lot of time in your kitchen.

At Sawhill, we believe how you use your kitchen should be a major influence on how your kitchen is designed.  For a baking enthusiast, there are features that we can incorporate when designing your new or remodeled kitchen that will make baking an even sweeter experience!

Below are just a few examples but if you’re considering a kitchen remodel, we invite you to make an appointment for a free consultation or to visit our showroom at International Market Square in Minneapolis. Whether you want to entertain, cook, or bake, we can help you with a custom kitchen remodel tailored to your needs.

H2: Feature #1: Lift-up Mixer Stand

A custom mixer lift is incorporated into a full kitchen remodel in Minnesota.

Lift-up mixer stands are an indispensable feature in any baker’s kitchen, offering both functionality and ease of use. These stands allow for heavy-duty mixers to be effortlessly raised to counter level and securely locked in place for use, then neatly tucked away under the counter when not needed. This not only saves valuable counter space but also alleviates the need to lift heavy appliances, reducing strain and making the baking process smoother.

The accessibility of a lift-up mixer stand encourages more frequent use of the mixer, as it eliminates the hassle of moving it around, making it perfect for bakers who engage in frequent mixing tasks like kneading dough or whipping cream.

Overall, lift-up mixer stands enhance the efficiency and ergonomics of baking environments, proving essential for both casual and serious bakers.

H2: Feature #2: Appliance Garage

A custom appliance cupboard hiding a standing mixer and juicer in a remodeled custom kitchen.

Appliance garages are a crucial feature in a baker’s kitchen, designed to maximize organization and streamline the baking process. These built-in storage compartments are typically located at countertop level, providing a designated spot for small appliances like mixers, blenders, or food processors.

By keeping these tools easily accessible yet out of sight, appliance garages help maintain a clean and clutter-free workspace, crucial for efficient baking. The use of appliance garages also protects valuable baking equipment from dust and grease buildup, extending their lifespan and ensuring they are always ready for use.

Ultimately, the incorporation of an appliance garage enhances the functionality of a baker’s kitchen, blending aesthetics with practicality and making the area more enjoyable to work in.

H2: Feature #3: Large Workspace in a Smart Location

A large workspace is a must in a baker’s kitchen, as it provides the necessary room to spread out ingredients, tools, and ongoing projects without overcrowding. This expansive surface area allows for the simultaneous preparation of multiple components of a recipe, such as measuring dry ingredients, mixing batters, or rolling out dough. Additionally, ample workspace offers the flexibility to accommodate cooling racks for freshly baked items or staging areas for decorating elaborate cakes and pastries.

Location is also important. Consider locating your workspace near a sink for collecting dirty dishes (measuring cups, spoons, etc.) and incorporating an under-counter compost/trash bin nearby for disposal of eggshells, paper wrappers (butter) and empty cans & boxes.

For bakers, having a generous amount of counter space at the right height not only enhances efficiency and organization but also makes the process of creating complex baked goods more enjoyable and less constrained.

H2: Feature #4: Custom Storage

In a baker’s kitchen, custom storage solutions are key to maintaining both functionality and order. Whether you have a lefse grill like the one pictured below or some other specialty cooking tools, consider custom-sized drawers to fit and store these items.

Deep drawers specifically designed for storing bulky items and large bowls are ideal. Vertical storage compartments are also crucial, providing a designated spot for sheet pans, cooling racks, and cutting boards, often featuring dividers to keep everything neatly separated and accessible. Pull-out cabinets can be customized with organizers for smaller tools and ingredients, such as measuring spoons, spice jars, and various baking utensils, ensuring they are easily reachable but out of sight.

Additionally, dedicated shelves or cubbies for frequently used items like flour, sugar, and other bulk ingredients can be installed with clear, airtight containers for quick identification and preservation, enhancing both convenience and the longevity of ingredients.

H2: Feature #5: Spice Rack

No more digging in the depths of a cabinet for that lost container of cinnamon with a built-in spice rack. In a baker’s kitchen, custom cabinets for spice racks are ingeniously designed to optimize space and accessibility.

One popular type is the pull-out spice rack, which slides out from the cabinet, allowing for easy viewing and retrieval of all spices without the need to search through a cluttered cupboard.

Another option is a vertical spice drawer that can be fitted next to the oven; each row of spices lays flat, making labels immediately visible for quick selection during the cooking process. Tiered spice shelves that are built into a cabinet door are also a space-efficient solution, utilizing what might otherwise be wasted space and keeping spices organized and within arm’s reach.

Last, magnetic spice racks incorporated into the backsplash or on the underside of upper cabinets provide a modern and accessible solution, where spice jars with magnetic bottoms stick directly onto a metal strip, turning spice storage into a functional display.

H2: Feature #6: Double Ovens

Wall-mounted double ovens are a must-have for any avid baker allowing multiple items to be baked simultaneously or at different temperatures. This setup greatly enhances the ability to multitask and allows for more efficient use of time, as one can bake bread at a high temperature while delicately baking meringues at a much lower heat. Strategically, double ovens should be installed at eye level, which not only makes it easier to monitor the progress of baking without bending over but also reduces the risk of burns from handling hot dishes. Ideally, these ovens should be positioned near the primary prep area to streamline the workflow, ensuring that transferring pans into and out of the ovens is seamless and safe.

Sawhill Cus­tom Kitchens & Design is the premier provider of custom kitchen remodeling services for clients in the Twin Cities, Upper Midwest and beyond.

At Sawhill, we take your leap of faith with us seriously. We deliver exceptional living spaces by taking a holistic approach to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations from concept to final installation. When you partner with us, you’ll never be left to deal with vendors or building contractors alone, nor will you be stuck high and dry to deal with a mess. We’re there to handle every detail of your custom kitchen remodel so you feel rewarded, respected, and inspired. The result will be a gorgeous baker’s kitchen that you’ll love.


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