November 23, 2015

5 Must Have Kitchen Tools for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a holiday synonymous with food and family. A holiday where much time is spent preparing the delectable dishes comprising a Thanksgiving feast. While our specialty at Sawhill Custom Kitchens & Design is creating exceptional kitchen spaces that welcome guests and deliver functionality, we also recognize the importance of small details. So this Thanksgiving, we have compiled a list of the 5 must-have kitchen tools we feel will best help make your Thanksgiving a stunning and delicious success.  Here’s to enjoying turkey and pumpkin pie and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Sawhill.

Must Have Kitchen Tool #1 – 4 Cup Fat Separator –This tool helps you make gravy that is smooth and delicious. Pour your gravy into the Separator through the strainer and watch the fat rise to the top while lean gravy settles to the bottom. The strainer catches unwanted bits and the stopper prevents fat from entering the spout.

Must Have Kitchen Tool #2 – A Turkey Baster – Juicy, succulent turkeys don’t just happen. While some disagree, we are on team turkey baster believing that an occasional basting while cooking is a no brainer. Also, here’s a tip for you. Brush the turkey with butter or vegetable oil before roasting it in the oven. This will help in browning. However, avoid basting it in the last hour to ensure a crispy skin.

Must Have Kitchen Tool #3 – Instant Read Thermometer –A good thermometer is absolutely essential in a kitchen, especially when cooking poultry where guesswork is never a good thing. The ThermoWorks ThermoPop thermometer is recommended by many sources.

Must Have Kitchen Tool #4 – V-shaped Roasting Rack – Nobody wants a soggy bird. The National Turkey Federation (they should know, right?) recommends a V-shaped roasting rack since it supports the turkey firmly while allowing heat to circulate underneath for better browning. ChefsMix, a blog written by chefs, provides a nice breakdown of factors to consider when choosing a roasting rack.


Must Have Kitchen Tool #5 – A Great Bottle of Wine – Alright, we know wine isn’t a kitchen tool, but a perfectly paired bottle of wine to accompany your meal will certainly help improve the meal, won’t it? WineFolly, a great site offering articles and videos that connect you to the world of wine, have some helpful wine recommendations based on how the turkey was prepared. Yep, we have you covered.

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The result will be a gorgeous working interior you’ll love, without the headaches you won’t.  Learn more about Sawhill Kitchens & Design at

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November 23, 2015