2023 Home Remodeling Trends in Minneapolis

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Whether you’re looking to make some upgrades to your current home or you’re ready for a total overhaul of your living space, a remodel is an appealing alternative. In fact, remodels are so popular that nearly a third of homeowners plan to start remodeling projects in the next year, according to a recent Houzz survey.

Which begs the question: Where should you begin when it comes to your own home remodeling project? Here’s a closer look at 10 of the top home remodeling trends in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area.

Remember, whether you start with just one or two changes or include them all into a comprehensive remodel, your dream home IS within reach.

1. Mindfulness Matters

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As we continue our return to the “new normal” of a post-pandemic world, many people have a heightened understanding of the role our environments play in supporting wellbeing. In response, many homeowners are seeking to create more intentional living spaces.

From controlling clutter and embracing minimalist design to incorporating more organic elements and turning space rooms into “emotional escape rooms” for reading, listening to music, or even exhibiting art collections, there are many ways to get in on the mindfulness movement….and its many benefits.

Other strategies for improving the mindfulness of your home when remodeling? Make changes that will continue to bring you joy as opposed to following short-term fads; seek out things that will reflect your personality and keep purpose at the forefront.

2. Going Green

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One of the biggest buzzwords in the design world, “sustainability” is much more than just something people are talking about. The push toward sustainability and green living is manifesting in many ways, including literally through the introduction of greenery, such as plants and flowers, indoor food gardens, and other living vegetation.

In addition to serving as a naturally calming element, greenery also has the potential to improve the air quality of your home.

And greenery is just one of many ways to prioritize sustainability in your home remodeling project. Other examples include using reclaimed wood and other sustainable materials, choosing products from eco-forward brands, installing environmentally friendly lighting, opting for low- or no-VOC-paint, and making energy-efficient upgrades, such as adopting solar power, adding insulation, and installing energy-efficient appliances.

3. Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

As we increasingly acknowledge the value of nature in our lives, bringing the outdoors in is just the beginning. More homeowners are also bringing the indoors out to create seamless indoor-outdoor spaces for living, working, playing, gathering, and entertaining.

Indoors, large windows, French doors, and retractable screen doors support expansive views while also welcoming fresh air.  Outdoors, “resort-style” spaces expand your home’s livable square footage thanks to features like stylish and durable furnishings, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, outdoor pizza ovens and wine fridges, Zen gardens and “living walls,” and outdoor rugs.

4. Beautified Baths

A remodeled bathroom with walk-in glass shower, marble tile and white custom cabinets.

Interior design trends aren’t siloed. In fact, many of them overlap, intertwine, and echo with each other. There’s no better example of this than the shift from purely utilitarian bathrooms to spa-like bathroom spaces.

Fusing mindfulness and sustainability, this trend uses design elements like natural materials, neutral hues, water-efficient features, radiant floor heating, steam showers, walk-in showers, and terrazzo tile to transform the most basic bath into a soothing oasis.

5. Haute Home Offices

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While many people have returned to their physical office, an equal many now routinely work from home. If you’re still making do with a makeshift office, 2023 may be the perfect time to undertake a home office remodel that will yield a workspace worthy of the amount of time you spend in it.

While some homeowners have the liberty of turning lesser-used spaces into home offices, others have started thinking outside the box to find the extra space. One specific approach we expect to see more of in 2023? Converting or constructing garages and sheds for use as home offices. This can result in the “best of both worlds” dynamic of a private workspace with easy access to the convenience and comfort of home.

6. Designated Dining Rooms

A remodeled dining room with large windows, cathedral ceilings and a modern chandelier.

After years of denying dining rooms, many homeowners are returning to dedicated dining room spaces for meaningful gatherings with family and friends. If your dining room has become a catch-all or dumping ground for the detritus of everyday life, a dining room remodel may be just what you need to find renewed purpose in its traditional role.

This doesn’t mean the dining rooms of 2023 will look, feel, and function like the dining rooms of your childhood. Open floor plans, innovative lighting, and unexpected yet practical furniture can all help homeowners find new opportunities for self-expression in these traditional spaces.

7. Custom Kitchens

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Custom kitchens aren’t new. In fact, companies like Sawhill Kitchens have been leading the custom kitchen movement for years. However, the interior design world continues to push the boundaries of customization to meet the evolving and emerging needs of modern families.

Whether that means double kitchen islands for additional surface space and storage or custom zones like wine fridges and beverage centers for easier entertaining, there are near-endless ways to personalize and elevate your kitchen both aesthetically and functionally.

While 2023 may welcome the return of dedicated dining rooms, many homeowners are taking their kitchens in the opposite direction—from closed off to open concept. Rather than conceptualizing kitchens as separate rooms where people tend to congregate, this trend facilitates flow between kitchens, living rooms, and family rooms to create comfortable spaces made for convening, interacting, and engaging.

8. Luxe Laundry Rooms and Magnificent Mudrooms

Close up view of cabinets, bench and storage in a remodeled luxury mudroom.

When it comes to inherently utilitarian spaces in the typical home, laundry rooms top the list. However, just because they’re purposeful doesn’t mean they can’t also be beautiful. Often relegated to afterthought, 2023 is giving laundry rooms their chance to shine—both literally and figuratively.

Rather than spaces you can’t wait to get out of, today’s laundry room remodels are designed to be inviting thanks to details like custom lighting, floating lighting, and alluring backsplashes.  Think the words “laundry room” and “dingy” are synonymous? Think again.

The humble mudroom is also undergoing revitalizing renovations in 2023. In addition to upscale design features like unique millwork and crown molding, mudrooms will also amp up on functionality with personalized solutions like custom built-in, ceiling-high cabinets, drop zones for winter gear, and even dog wash stations and other pet-friendly amenities.

9. Statement-Making Architectural Elements

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Even the most minimalist environments need elements of visual interest. In 2023, it’s all about curves and arches. From entryways to furniture to doors and windows, unexpected shapes add charm, character, and style to interior and exterior spaces alike.

Statement ceilings are also having a major moment in the form of everything from coffered, vaulted, and tin ceilings to exposed beams, subway tiles, and polished concrete. Working with a smaller budget or other design constraints? A contrasting coat of paint can work wonders.

10. Color Comes Back

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During the overwhelm of the past few years, whites, light woods, and other neutrals have reigned supreme. However, color is making a serious comeback in 2023—with dramatic and moody shades poised to make a big showing. There’s no better indication of this than Pantone’s pick for Color of the Year—the brave, fearless, and irrefutable Viva Magenta.

Not feeling fuchsia? Check out Better Homes & Gardens’ roundup of all the hot hues for 2023, including earth tones, grounding greens, cheerful raspberry, electrifying cobalt, rustic-yet-refined terra cotta, and cozy greige. (There’s truly something for everyone in this mix.)

Whether you’re ready to dive right into a bolder palette or adhere more to the “a little goes a long way” outlook, there are many ways to change the look and feel of your home with color.

If you’re considering a home remodel in the Twin Cities, the Sawhill team is eager to help. Whether you’ve already got specific projects in mind or you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, our interior design team has extensive interior design experience in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and the surrounding areas.

To take the first step in transforming your existing living space into the home of your dreams, schedule a consultation meeting with Sawhill today.