Don’t Settle For Less Than Your Dreams

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Don’t Settle For Less
Than Your Dream

With Finance by Cambria™, you can bundle virtually
everything together for your kitchen, bath, or other remodel project. Just start with beautiful Cambria natural stone
surfaces, then add other interior remodel products and
services offered by your Cambria dealer. With convenient
payment plans to match any budget, Finance by Cambria
makes it easy and affordable to start your dream project

Get Started Today With Up to

Whether you are interested in short- or long-term flexibility, Finance by Cambria has affordable
payment options to accommodate you. All Finance by Cambria options offer:

Secure paperless application in under 10 minutes
No prepayment penalties
No application fees
No closing costs

Start With Your Dream

Visualize your dream kitchen or bath, knowing that we’ll find a flexible payment option that is right for you.

We’ll Do The Math

We’ll show you how large up-front costs can be converted into
a manageable payment plan.

Get Started

Step 1: Call or visit Sawhill Kitchens to explain what type of project you are interested in using the program for.

Step 2: Sawhill Kitchens will explain which payment options they offer through Finance by Cambria and provide you with information you need to get more detailed questions answered and to apply.

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