Custom Kitchen, Bath, and Home Remodeling Services in Excelsior, Minnesota

In the captivating neighborhoods of Excelsior, Minnesota, lie homes of timeless beauty and elegance. These homes are poised for rejuvenation through exquisite remodeling projects. With the current real estate landscape offering promising prospects, now is the opportune moment to invest in transforming your living spaces. And when it comes to exceptional remodeling, there’s one name that stands out: Sawhill Kitchens.

Excelsior, a charming enclave in Minnesota, boasts neighborhoods brimming with character and homes that hold untold potential. The allure of this locale, combined with the current market conditions, presents an ideal canvas for realizing your home’s true potential. This is a remarkable moment to embark on a remodeling journey and elevate your living spaces to new heights of comfort and style.

Why Sawhill

Our Design-Build Expertise

Sawhill Kitchens has garnered a sterling reputation for bringing visions to life with unparalleled expertise. Our commitment to excellence is evident in their comprehensive approach. From the inception of Design, Space Planning & Drafting, to the meticulous oversight of Project Management and General Contracting, and culminating in the execution of Remodeling and Installation, Sawhill adeptly handles every phase of your project.

Our team of skilled design-build professionals, backed by years of experience, ensures that your remodeling experience is marked by efficiency and precision. Whether it’s a kitchen that yearns for a modern touch, a bathroom seeking sophistication, or a basement in need of a revitalizing transformation, the Sawhill team delivers stunning results.

Home Remodeling Process

Our process is designed to make your remodeling experience seamless and satisfying. By visiting our Remodeling Services page, you can gain insights into the systematic approach they follow. Our step-by-step breakdown guarantees that no detail is overlooked. This ensures not only an aesthetically pleasing outcome but also a project that adheres to your timeline and budget.

Our Remodeling Services

Sawhill Kitchens presents an extensive array of services to cater to every remodeling aspiration:


Immerse yourself in the expertise of custom kitchen remodeling in Excelsior, where form and function intertwine seamlessly. Sawhill’s design mavens collaborate closely with you to craft a kitchen that aligns with your lifestyle. Whether your preference is modern minimalism or rustic charm, we transform your vision into a culinary haven that transcends expectations. From sleek countertops to innovative storage solutions, our design-build experts weave practicality and aesthetics into every corner, ensuring your kitchen becomes a masterpiece tailored to your tastes.


Immerse yourself in luxury with our meticulous bathroom remodeling services. We harness the power of design to curate bathrooms that exude relaxation and refinement. From selecting the finest materials to integrating harmonious lighting, Sawhill creates an oasis where you can indulge in serenity and pampering. Our design finesse extends to every detail, from elegant fixtures to sumptuous textures, resulting in bathrooms that offer an unparalleled experience of opulence and comfort.


Awaken the latent potential of your basement through Sawhill’s basement remodeling services in Excelsior. Transform this often-underutilized space into an extension of your living area, tailor-made to cater to your family’s needs. Whether it becomes an entertainment hub, a guest suite, or a versatile workspace, Sawhill’s touch brings innovation to every corner.

Whole Home Remodeling

Our expertise transcends specific spaces, from closet design and installation to whole home remodeling. We possess the skill to reimagine and revive any area within your residence or an addition. With a keen understanding of your preferences and the architectural essence of your home, Sawhill crafts designs that bridge aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.

Elevate Your Excelsior Living Spaces with Sawhill

Sawhill Kitchens is an embodiment of commitment, innovation, and artistic finesse. Each project is a canvas for their expertise, resulting in spaces that captivate the eye and enrich daily life. With an innate understanding of Excelsior’s distinct character, Sawhill transforms houses into homes of enduring charm and allure.

Are you ready to embark on your remodeling odyssey? Initiate your journey by contacting Sawhill Kitchens for a consultation. Explore our portfolio projects to gain inspiration for you own home remodeling project. With Sawhill’s design-build expertise, your Excelsior home will embrace a new era of elegance, functionality, and comfort.