Custom Kitchen, Bath, and Home Remodeling Services in Wayzata, Minnesota

In Wayzata, Minnesota, you’ll discover homes that tell stories of elegance and potential. This picturesque setting provides the perfect backdrop for embarking on a remodeling project to transform your living spaces into havens of comfort and style. With the current real estate dynamics, investing in a remodeling project in Wayzata is a decision that promises exceptional returns.

Wayzata, Minnesota, is synonymous with timeless beauty and sophistication. The homes here are like blank canvases, ready to be adorned with the strokes of your remodeling vision. With the real estate market in Wayzata offering promising opportunities, there’s never been a better time to breathe new life into your living spaces.

Sawhill Kitchens Remodeling

Our Design-Build Expert Team

At Sawhill Kitchens, our commitment to excellence is the bedrock of our reputation. We excel in managing every facet of your remodeling project, ensuring a seamless journey from concept to completion. Our expertise spans from the initial stages of Design, Space Planning, and drafting to Project Management and General Contracting, culminating in the meticulous execution of Remodeling and Installation.

Our team of seasoned professionals brings years of experience to the table, guaranteeing a remodeling experience marked by efficiency and precision. Whether you desire a custom kitchen remodel, a luxurious bathroom transformation, or a rejuvenated basement space, Sawhill’s unwavering commitment to excellence ensures a result that surpasses your expectations.

The Sawhill Process

Our process is meticulously designed to make your remodeling experience smooth and gratifying. Visit our Remodeling Services page to gain insights into our systematic approach. Our step-by-step breakdown leaves no stone unturned, ensuring a visually appealing outcome and a project that adheres to your timeline and budget.

Our Design-Build Services

Sawhill Kitchens presents a comprehensive suite of services to cater to your diverse remodeling needs:


Immerse yourself in the world of custom kitchen remodeling in Wayzata, where form and function intertwine seamlessly. Our dedicated design team collaborates closely with you to craft a kitchen that resonates with your lifestyle. Whether modern minimalism or rustic charm, we materialize your vision into a culinary haven that exceeds expectations. From sleek countertops to ingenious storage solutions, Sawhill’s artisans blend practicality and aesthetics into every nook and cranny, ensuring your kitchen becomes a masterpiece tailored to your tastes.


Indulge in luxury by entrusting Sawhill’s meticulous bathroom remodeling services. We harness the power of design to curate bathrooms that exude relaxation and refinement. From handpicking the finest materials to orchestrating harmonious lighting, Sawhill creates an oasis where you can enjoy serenity and pampering. Our design expertise extends to every facet, from exquisite fixtures to sumptuous textures, resulting in bathrooms that offer an unparalleled experience of luxury and comfort.


Awaken the latent potential of your basement through Sawhill’s basement remodeling services in Wayzata. Transform this often-underutilized space into an extension of your living area, customized to cater to your family’s needs. Whether it transforms into an entertainment hub, a guest suite, or a versatile workspace, Sawhill’s touch infuses innovation into every corner.

Home Remodeling

Sawhill’s proficiency transcends specific spaces, encompassing closet design and installation to whole home remodeling. Our artisans possess the skill to reimagine and rejuvenate any area within your residence. With an acute understanding of your preferences and your home’s architectural essence, Sawhill crafts designs that blend aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.

Home Remodeling Inspiration

Do you have unique ideas for your home’s transformation? Share your home remodeling ideas with us, and let’s transform them into reality. Our team of experts specializes in bringing your concepts to life, whether a luxury kitchen remodels, an indulgent bathroom renovation, or a comprehensive condo remodel. We are your trusted home remodeling company in Wayzata, committed to making your dreams a reality.

With Sawhill Kitchens, you can rest assured that your remodeling journey will be marked by expertise, efficiency, and an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. Whether it’s a kitchen, bath, basement, or your entire home, we possess the experience and skills to turn it into a masterpiece. Please don’t wait any longer; contact us today and embark on your remodeling adventure.

Let’s Talk About Your Remodeling Project

Are you ready to embark on your remodeling journey? Contact Sawhill Kitchens today to schedule a consultation. Explore our portfolio and gain insights into our extraordinary transformations. With Sawhill’s guidance, your Wayzata home will embrace a new era of elegance, functionality, and comfort.