Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

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A new year has begun. Time for fresh starts, resolutions and a look ahead at the trends for 2019.  Kitchen design is continuously evolving, and while some trends are best left alone, it’s always good to keep an eye on what is up and coming.  Here’s our collection of kitchen design trends that we and other industry colleagues expect to see a lot more of in 2019.


Technology is becoming integrated into almost every aspect of our lives and homes, and the kitchen is no exception. While technology features may have begun as somewhat of a novelty, they are quickly becoming a game-changer in terms of convenience and efficiency.  Features such as sensor-equipped faucets that turn on automatically or refrigerators that allow you to view your contents while at the grocery store (yes, you are out of milk!) are just a few examples of technology transforming the way we interact with our kitchen.  Whether integrated as part of a new kitchen design or a kitchen remodel, expect to see more smart technology in 2019.


As the popularity of all-white kitchens declines, expect to see more risks taken with materials and colors, especially in countertop choices.  Homeowners looking to integrate more creativity into their kitchen design are turning to darker countertops as a way to add both color and depth.


Along the same line as dark countertops, the incorporation of matte black appliances, hardware, and even cabinets, is growing as homeowners look for design elements that make a statement.  Is a kitchen filled with matte black cabinets a bit too adventurous for you? Consider matte black appliances (no finger smudges!) or adding just one or two small pieces, such as a matte black Kitchen aid mixer, for contrast.


Greys and whites still dominate but more homeowners are choosing to mix it up when it comes to cabinet color and finish. Already a rising trend in 2018, two-tone cabinets are expected to continue to be a rising design trend in 2019.


While open shelving tends to elicit either a love or a hate response, we are going to see more of it in 2019.  A perfect option for displaying your grandmother’s heirloom dishes, open shelves are a favorite among those who love the idea of ‘Instagram’ ready displays for bringing personality and uniqueness to a kitchen space.  Just make sure you’re the type that doesn’t mind putting away the dishes just so!


As with everything, kitchens are working smarter, not harder, and added features that transform traditional kitchen components are on the rise.  Features such as sink systems with a sliding cutting board, baskets and integrated colander to drawers with built-in charging stations to two-tiered drawer inserts to pull up mixing stands are adding a hefty charge of functionality to our kitchens.


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